Watermelon sangria in 5 minutes

Watermelon sangria in 5 minutes

Summer, heat, sangria. It’s time to learn how to make watermelon sangria in 5 minutes.

Watermelon, champagne and rose wine can make a delicious sangria, which can be included in the menu for a buffet.


  • semi-sweet champagne of the best quality (780 ml);
  • rose dessert wine (760 ml);
  • watermelon a small size(one pleasant thing).

The process of preparing sangria

First, you need to hold the watermelon in some cool place for about three hours, after this time, wash and slice without removing the skin into small cubes.

If you did not have the opportunity to pre-cool the watermelon, prepare more ice for the drink.

Send the sliced watermelon in a large glass container, pour it with pink wine, mix well, then send the dishes with the basis for the drink for about two hours in the refrigerator.

Next, just before the holiday add to the container pre-chilled champagne. Mix the prepared watermelon sangria and serve it immediately to the buffet table.

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